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How much is it?

The million dollar question... Or in this case multi million dollar question. Luckily this question is significantly cheaper for you. Our memberships start at $60,000 for a one time buy in, granting you access year in and year out. This guarantees you 2 weeks aboard every year and even after maintenance fees is significantly cheaper than chartering a yacht for 2 weeks a year after the first year of membership. Let us break down the costs as accurately as possible!

The cost of chartering instead of being a "Believe It Or Yacht" member

To charter a yacht that is big enough to be comfortable with 4+ passengers costs on the low end of $32,000 PER WEEK and that's not including all running costs that you will also pay for on the yacht. So if you found a Yacht to charter at this rate for 2 weeks a year it would cost you $64,000 + the running cost of the yacht for a year and this is on the absolute lowest end of the scale, making our membership a much more affordable option and actually saving you a significant amount of money starting year 2.

Initial Buy In

This cost is what you must pay up front to secure your place on the yacht list. This is a one time cost, if you're still with us in 10 years you will still never pay this again unless you want to upgrade to a bigger or different yacht that is available.

Onboard Cost

While on the yacht you are responsible for the running costs, these include fuel and a portion of the crew costs. This cost varies depending on what you plan to do as well as the yacht you are part of. But usual running costs per week start at $5,000.

Other Items

Any items or experiences you would like to enjoy on your vacation that can be made available will be. These could be anything from having a dive master or scuba instructor on board to going parasailing. The options will depend on where the yacht is currently located.

Maintenance Fee

A yearly maintenance fee is required to maintain your membership. Depending on the yacht these can range from $15,000 - $35,000. These keep the yacht in running shape and take care of any maintenance items that are needed. Yachts are very expensive to buy and just as expensive if not more to keep running and in good shape. Just a single engine can cost upwards of $80,000 for a rebuild and every yacht has at least 2! And don't get us started on all the pipes, wires, generators, water systems, props, shafts, transmissions, teak, and paint / hull upkeep. 

Full Service Food and Drink

This package is available for your time onboard. If you don't want to bring or prepare your own food our personal chef will take care of all your food and drink costs for the duration of your vacation. The cost for this service runs around $700 per person.

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